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Responsible Investment in Mining and Exploration Stocks

Geology and ESG Research Analysis




Metals are part of our modern lives and we must think sustainability through a process: Extraction-Integration-Recycling.

About Us

Ethore SA is known for being an independent and technical advisory for investments in mining and exploration stocks. We have helped investment funds on the buy side and on the portfolio composition. We have also actively participated in different investment committees by providing technical advisory on stocks selection and on metals' trends related to projects development life cycles.

Today, Ethore SA is committed to pursue three main orientations:

      To provide independent analysis on mineral projects and stocks with emphasis on ESG factors and associated risks.

      To offer consultancy on exploration projects in order to assess their potential.

      To participate proactively on an ongoing process to develop a responsible and ethical approach in assessing mineral projects. Such initiative aims to mobilize professionals, communities of interests and all other related associations.

Ethore is a private company owned by its founder. We ensure that we maintain our professional independence, high quality standards, and openness to stakeholders.